La oferta de trabajo más emocional

The most emotional job offer

  Languing’s friends prepared a false interview with real candidates. The intention was not to only know, if the interviewees tell the truth. What was really wanted to see , was

Drive experience test

Drive Experience Test

    We submit our face recognizing emotional software to a drive experience test.  We require the participation of a non-professional driver to which we ask the daily use of his

Shopping experience

Shopping experience in real time

  We purchase everything. We have all at least once, spend long hours in a shop looking for just that one perfect product. Sometimes for necessity while the other time

ERL develops Emotion Retail LAB

ERL develops Emotion Retail LAB

At Emotion Research LAB we bring you a great novelty. ERL develops Emotion Retail LAB, the new proposal for the retail sector. With the creation of this new platform, we