A new SaaS predicts consumer behavior

Of an improved synergy between the neurosciences, the latest technology and marketing was born the new SaaS to predict consumer behavior of Emotion Research LAB.

As spanish pioneer in facial coding we have designed a new and complex software that scientifically predicts the behavior of consumers. And we make available the possibility to run a free project to obtain metrics crossing up to three videos of 90 minutes, with a live chat for any queries.

With traditional marketing only the 25% of the new products have success because it obviates that emotions determine our behavior as consumers. The human brain uses only 2% of its energy on conscious activity. 95% of decisions are gestated in the subconscious. Here are the answers to how the person reacts to stimuli such as ads, package design or advertising on retail.

Thousands of real-time data crossed

The new SaaS is a more intuitive interface that can analyze crossing simultaneously ads, with very extensive metrics and up to 300 users to test from a selected target customer. It measures in real time satisfaction, valence, activation and commitment.

Combines the measurement of emotions classified in percentages of disgust, anger, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise and neutral, according to the theory of universal micro expressions of Paul Ekman, with the calculation of the degree of attention through eye tracking. None of this is accessible in traditional surveys, which fail to anticipate the success of products, websites or communication campaigns before hitting the market.

“Success depends on knowing real consumers”

Emotional marketing understands customers as people. In traditional metrics consumers only buy. People live, feel, have needs, dictate the interest of a brand in a saturated market and are engaged only when they reach an emotional bond. As the French designer Joël Desgrippes said “a product or service can only be considered a brand when arouse an emotional dialogue with the consumer.”

In the words of Maria Pocoví, CEO and founder of Emotion Research Lab, “this is the era of emotions and no longer questions that business success depends on the ability of companies to really know consumers “.