We analyze the emotions of the investiture debate for Antena 3

After two intensive days in the Congress, we analyze the emotions of the investiture debate for Antena 3.

The CEO of Emotion Research LAB, Mary Pocoví, attends the program for Espejo Público commenting along with Alfonso Egea the gestures of the political leaders. Analyzes the facial microexpresiones that showed during their speeches.


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The emotions of the investiture debate

The discomfort of Mariano Rajoy

The candidate to be invested as president of the Government was especially annoying during all his interventions. He has shown emotions as amazement, irony or annoyance. Only in the moments that has been spoken of corruption we detect anger in his words.

The wrath of Pedro Sanchez

The leader of the PSOE continues with his tactic of personal attack to Rajoy, which has been holding since the face-to-face discussion of the past month of December. His inner resentment since his own failed investiture translates into a high hostility staff.

The pride of Albert Rivera

For his part, the leader of Ciudadanos has defended his speech in a coherent manner from the emotional point of view. He believes in his role of facilitator for a new government, so urgent for the country as all indicate. His “High sense of State” makes forward sometimes sorrow and anxiety by the difficulty of no agreement. We can continue to affirm that he continues to be consistent with his emotions, regardless of the position he defends.

The aversion of Pablo Iglesias

After the tone more subtle than wanted to show in the last electoral campaign, Pablo Iglesias opted for elevating the tone. In a speech focused to a large extent toward yours we note how showed a high emotional activation, sustained throughout its intervention. Maybe he was conditioned by the adverse results obtained the past 26J and chose together with its executive be more assertive.[:]