Annual meeting BC&D – The leadership Journey

On October 2ND the annual meeting BC & D organized by Deloitte in where Emotion Research LAB attended in Madrid. Part of the event dealt narrowcasting, powered by facial emotion recognition .



In this event conditional advertising technology, developed by Emotion Research Lab, Deloitte filed its customers, was presented. At the same event , doubts about data protection were resolved, which is the main concern of the companies when they try to investigate the consumer making recordings on their behavior at the point of sale. This challenge is solved from the time when at the establishment there are signs warning visitors that they may be being recorded and, also, Emotion Research LAB technology does not save the contents of recordings but it keeps statistics for further analysis. This technology collects consumer data such as age, gender, color of clothing and emotional state, as well as individualized emotions.


In the video you can see how it works. To view the video, click on the image below :

Captura de pantalla 2014-10-06 a la(s) 11.35.07



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