Appointment at Mobile World Congress 2018

appointment at Mobile World Congress 2018

For the third year in a row, we went back to our appointment at Mobile World Congress 2018. This year, on February 26 and 27, María Pocoví and Alicia Mora will be in Barcelona. Emotion Research LAB will have the usual space allocated in the Montjuic Hall M8 of the 4YFN. Specifically, we will receive all the visitors that request it in our booth of the zone for startups in stand F3.3 (plan)

 The technology of facial recognition of emotions will be present in the Congress. Our online platform is geared to the customer is the one who can create their own online project. You only have to upload the stimulus to analyze (videos or images), configure the questions you want in the survey and send the viewing link to your sample. Participants in the project should only have a simple camera on any device that will record their face while viewing the content. The processed information is done instantaneously, being able to access the emotional metrics quickly from the control panel.

We offer the measurement of 107 emotions (6 primary and 101 secondaries) and 4 emotional metrics (activation, satisfaction, experience, engagement) Thanks to eye tracking we know where a person is paying more attention.

The improvements of our technology come to its appointment at Mobile World Congress 2018

We continue with the improvement of our emotions recognition algorithms. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the rapid learning of our algorithms allows an accuracy of more than 98%

Moods and new surveys

Our online platform offers 8 different moods that complement the emotional metrics offered. They allow a much more accurate prediction of consumer behavior. Along with this, we have enriched the online surveys by offering up to 9 different types of questions for any project.

Greater precision in real time in real shopping environments

All attendees at the Congress will be able to test our online platform for measuring emotions in real time. Anyone can check the many advantages it offers:

  • Real-time metrics
  • People counting
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Different areas in the same control panel
  • Comparison of results according to benchmarks
  • Plug & Play configuration
  • Valid for all types of cameras
  • Privacy assured. No recorded images or personal information are extracted


We get the machines to understand human behavior. We allow a simple integration adapted to any need thanks to our customized solutions.

  • Multiplatform: available for Windows, MacOS, Android, Linux and HTML5
  • Easy integration: Restful API and SDK simple libraries
  • Multiple license options: adapted to the required size
  • Offline/online: adaptation of real-time or online according to need


Schedule a meeting with us

Our CEO María Pocoví and our COO Alicia Mora will attend all those visitors who request it. You should only contact us through our contact form or via email at the following addresses:

María Pocoví:

Alicia Mora: