Basque Culinary Center Students Create an Emotional Project

Basque Culinary Center students, Ana Fernández Rodríguez, Jordi Burguesa Pau, Eneko Ochoa de Eribe Ruiz de Loizoaga, Ignacio González Hurtado, Edorta Quintanilla Unanue and Júlia Mestre Vericat have done a spectacular project prom challenged to create a model restaurant in their first year of Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts offered by the prestigious center.

This project involves an emotional Restaurant using our emotional facial recognition technology for multitudes, Emotion Crowd LAB. Everything about this restaurant is original in itself, including the chosen name: Harritu, which means to impress in Basque. At the project they analyze the potential customer, they defend the management, they explain the menu, the location, the facilities and the restaurant staff, including plans and even they define the branding.

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The novelty of this restaurant is that is truly focused on the customer. In the current line to offer the customer a tasting menu without them having to choose them from an extensive menu , the staff will pick through strategically placed cameras emotions of customers, relying on facial emotion recognition technology and commands will be send to the kitchen automatically according to the facial expressions of customers tested the main flavor of each dish, and as a welcome and appetizer options are defined in menu as recorded by our technology.

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In short, it is a brilliant and eclectic business idea that combines technological innovation with new models of culinary management; certainly something new for customers who are open to new experiences and are seduced by the senses.

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