Beyond poker face

The trial for Nóos case has resumed this morning at Palma de Mallorca and predictably pacts with the prosecution have impacted the attitudes that we saw last January 11. That day, if something caught the attention, was the absence of emotions on the face of the accused and especially I mean Diego Torres, the Infanta Cristina and her husband Inaki Urdangarín. Beyond poker face, we found an empty face expression that does not allow to decipher the emotions of the players. But this void of expression does not mean that there are not microexpression. Poker face is not infallible, first because you can not prolong it excessively and that microexpressions betray emotions.

What are we looking for is to decode the microexpressions that betray the accuse? To achieve it we are going to use the technology of facial emotion recognition developed by Emotion Research LAB to read the microexpressions of the different principal actors of the Nóos case.

Microexpressions are very fast facial expressions (approximately the twentieth of a second) and involuntary that occur as a manifestation of an emotion that we are feeling. There are 7 basic microexpressions which are universal and subtle gestures which let reading the emotions on the face of another person (happiness, surprise, displeasure, annoyance, fear and sadness). If you do not have a prior training, result invisible to the human eye.

Past 11th of January, Diego Torres, Iñaki Undangarín and Infanta Cristina, showed their best poker faces, but always with a microexpression that betrays them.

Beyond poker face of Diego Torres

Consternation and surprise. A calculator man without fear and sadness.  Diego Torres is accused of the same crimes as Iñaki Undangarín, although for Torres sentences requested by the public prosecutor summarize 16 years and those requested by the popular prosecution 22.His strategy of defense is based on assuring that the activity of the Nóos Institute enlisted with the approval of the Royal House and was the one who ensures that no irregularities were met.

Beyond poker face of Iñaki Urdangarín

Fear and desperation. Urdangarín faces the worst sentence, public prosecutor request 19 years and a half of prison and Manos Limpias 26 and a half. He is processed by 25 crimes (of 9 different types) prevarication, embezzlement and fraud, among others. It is estimated that the diverted fund were 6.6 million euros.

Beyond poker face of the Infanta

Annoyance and indignation. The annoyance of an Infanta obligated to sit down on the dock. The trial of the Nóos case restarts today with the Infanta sitting down on the dock, an unheard-of fact which allows call historic this trial. The king’s sister will be prosecuted for cooperation in two crimes against Tax office after the court’s decision of deny to the Infanta Cristina the “Botín Doctrine”. Two tax crimes through Aizoon S.L.“Manos Limpias” request for THE Infanta Cristina a sentence of 8 years of prison and a fine of 2 million euros.

Today the Infanta and Iñaki Undargarin they have arrived together and where some have wanted to see a gesture of complicity of the Infanta to her husband, beyond her brief smile, her face has shown deeply sadness and malaise. On the other hand, her husband, in the same exchanging view, has been very neutral. Even though could be detected desperation, Iñaki Undargarín knew that the foreplay of pacts could drive him to a cornered situation. But is obvious that the Infanta Cristina hasn’t displayed the complicity sought.

This morning, in the program “Espejo Público”, where we have coincided with the journalist Jesús Manuel Ruiz who pointed that near circles of la Infanta Cristina and Undargarin defended that the attitude of Iñaki has changed, much more relaxed and much more sadness on the face of Infanta Cristina. The anger that betrayed the Infanta on the 11th of January has changed to a constant sorrow, less poker face, less control, while Iñaki, even be cornered, seems to be less tense, and even we have seen him lean back on the dock of accused. She will be clinging to the recent amendment of the Penal Code established in the article 134: “if the offender has effectively repaired  and joins the prejudice caused to public property (…), judges and courts will impose the responsibility for this crime of embezzlement of public funds the lower sentence of one or two degrees”. This crime which in maximum variable achieve 8 years, could be recessed to a little less of a year the possible sentence.

And what happens with the rest of the accused? Diego Torres arrive in the court with the feeling of guilt. But what betrays him by the combination of felt emotions is that he cling to his defense and he has not rewarded, nor declared its culpability or is working. It is starting to be noted a microexpression of fear on the face of the Iceman. Maybe, this attitude of innocence won’t continue in the coming days.

Another cornerstone is Jaume Matas. His entry in the court betrays a defensive attitude of anger. Is it well known that the first testimonies of the accused, as we have seen in Ballester, are incriminating him. We should wait because his degree of irritation is increasing noticeably. How will explode?

We still have a lot of testimonies to hear and while that happens we will tell you the microexpression that betray them.

Maria Pocoví


Emotion Research LAB