Brand Week Istanbul, nov. 11-15

A few days to the beginning of Brand Week Istanbul, creativity, inspiration, change wich will take place next week (11-15 November), Maria Pocoví, CEO of EEL, presents herself in this media as invited speaker to this important event of international relevance.

Her presentation is titled ‘Creativity Inspired by NeuroScience’ and will take place on the third day (November 13) in the Neuro Creativity Session, program in which Dr. Yener Girisken is speaking too. He is Think Neuro’s CEO, and he is going to speak about ‘Touch inconscious With neuromarketing”

Among the other invited speakers, such reputable personalities of marketing are confirmed as the Guru Al Ries, Tom Fishburne from Marketoonist, Mary Lewis from Lewis & Moberly UK, Felix Baumgartner from Base Jumper, Beth Coleman from Waterloo / Harward, Julian Treasure from The Sound Agency, Howard Goldkrand from SapientNitro, Hulusi Derici from M.A.R.K.A, Akira Kagami from Drill Inc, Emmanuel Seuge from Coca-Cola, and many others.

The event that will take place at Çiragan Palace Kempinski, has been organized by Media Cat’s. Brand builders, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and strategists who manage brand communication; ideas men, technology leaders, theoreticians and important speakers at international level, will enjoy some conferences where creativity, inspiration and change, will flow.


More information on the event website: