Course in Neuromarketing

Course in Neuromarketing provides a broad base of neurophysiology, neuroeconomy and neuromarketing to become a pioneer in proposing actions to ensure the commercial success professional.

Also, It offers the opportunity to practice two leaders in innovation and research techniques Neuromarketing companies: McCann Ericson Worldgroup and Emotion Research Lab.

“The decisions we make in a high percentage respond to our emotions, but sometimes the reason prevails or ultimately controls the action”

Knowing exactly which of the respond to thoughtful acts and what feelings are a challenge that only the neurosciences are knowing overcome thanks to modern exploration techniques central nervous system. There are too many companies that it has decided to apply the tools that the new discipline of Neuromarketing at their service to design and implement efficient business strategies to succeed in stimulating what it has been called the buy button

ESCO Granada

The course objectives are:

–          Relate neuroscience to marketing

–         Supplementing studies consumer behavior with a scientific vision based on neurophysiological evidence.

–          Supplementing studies with experimental economics and behavioral mechanisms to influence the purchase decision of consumers.

–          Have a global vision of the brain’s response to external stimuli to accurately interpret and anticipate consumer behavior against marketing tools.

The postgraduate course will begin in January 2013 and it will have a total duration of 110 hours + 10 hours of tutoring, on schedule Friday afternoon (4 pm) and Saturday mornings (4 hours) and it will be held at the headquarters of the ESCO (Superior Communication and Business Granada School).

The professional profile  is addressed to the following

–           Professional dedicated to marketing management, communication, image and branding as well as advertising agencies.

–         University graduates interested in expanding knowledge of marketing (neuromarketing techniques)

–         Economy professionals interested in expanding knowledge about neuroeconomics and neuromarketing.

The general director of Emotion Research Lab, María Pocoví, along with a large cast of outstanding professionals in the field taught classes Maslow Pyramid, learning and memory, as the scientific basis of neuromarketing; neuromarketing techniques, study of emotions through facial recognition systems, design of indicators to analyse, sampling, analysis, interpretation of results and correlation between technical and practical applications in marketing strategy.

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