Discover Social Wifi and connect as never with your customers

The retail sector should take advantage of all the tools that technology has to offer nowadays. Among them, Social Wi-Fi.

This technology, in addition to measuring interesting insights like the catch rate (passing-by vs. actual visit), the engagement (average time spent in-store) and the loyalty (fidelity of the clients), also allows you to connect with your clients like never before.

Wi-Fi technology is one of the technologies with the greatest potential to increase sales and customer loyalty nowadays. A recent survey conducted among 100 retailers, revealed that almost half of the retailers reported increased customer loyalty and increased sales by 3.4% after implementing Wi-Fi technology.


Social Wi-Fi or Marketing Wi-Fi, possibilities for all types of businesses


Retail shops, restaurants and coffee shops, night clubs, shopping centers or department stores, franchises, hairdressers, beauty salons, hotels, gyms and sport centers, study centers and universities, they could all use Social Wi-Fi to connect with their customers.

How does it work? Businesses offer a free Wi-Fi connection to their customers. Then, they inform their customers about their products and services through that same Wi-Fi connection. It is fast and easy. The customer arrives at the store, searches for the internet connection, and connects it through one of their social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter).

This system is beneficial to the customer, since it can use free Wi-Fi connection in the store, as well as to the business owner.

This is because it creates a database of actual customers that can later be used in marketing campaigns.

For many, Social Wi-Fi is becoming a real revolution of the digital experience to gain customers. These are the advantages to offering Social Wi-Fi:

  • You differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering a service of added value like free and secure Wi-Fi (without keys or passwords).
  • Exponentially increase the amount of followers and likes for your social media profiles by connecting Wi-Fi through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Increase your customer
  • Know your customers better (customer data).
  • Facilitate your marketing campaigns.