Drive Experience Test

Drive experience test

We submit our face recognizing emotional software to a drive experience test.  We require the participation of a non-professional driver to which we ask the daily use of his vehicle. We are looking for a great area in the city of Valencia where we would be able to conduct this test.

The team of developers within the Emotion Research LAB proceed with the necessary installation that is required for this test. They will only need a camera and a laptop, which has the possibility to process the images. The camera should be placed in front of the person, so it can perfectly capture the frontal view.

Results of the driving experience test

The objective was none other than to collect the emotions in real time shown while driving. In this way, we could not only register his emotional analysis but also measure his concentration and its weak points while driving. We do not attach any gadget or device to his body, so we do not set any conditions to the pilot. As it is not an invasive technology we can collect more reliable data.

After the tour, the results we have obtained are:

  1. He was not wearing a belt. This subconsciously predisposed him to feel more insecure. We will also enjoy remarkable levels of distraction. Once he visualizes the error, he goes from showing a relaxed and distracted expression to serious and worried. 
prueba de experiencia de conducción cinturón de seguridad emotion Research lab

2. Danger! He sees something that draws his attention to the left. He turns his eyes away from the usual field of vision. Luckily, our device announced the warning not to look away from the road.

prueba de experiencia de conducción cuidado emotion research lab

3. Then he continues his driving in an irritated and aggressive manner. The system warns you as it can condition the development of normal driving.

prueba de experiencia de conducción enfado emotion research lab

One of the main causes of traffic accidents is agressive driving. The software emits a warning sound to warn about this. If the driver is aware of this fact, it may relax his tension levels.

Although we all, are alert on the road, there are many factors that influence the way we drive. The false sense of security can often cause us to be startled.

We currently work with various car brands to improve safety. Soon we will see cars that interact with us based on our emotional state.