Emotion Research Lab uncover emotions behind HIV

Emotions of a stigma – Emotion Lab uncovers Explorer emotions. “One in four people feel fear at the thought of getting tested for HIV”

Europa Press

Coinciding with the World Day to Combat AIDS, NGOs that help people that suffer from the disease of AIDS, Positive Support , has commissioned the technology company Emotion Explorer Lab a study to contrast the emotions behind the answers of a sample of 151 people verbalized on questions related to various situations involving the disease, such as sharing studies or work with a wearer , having a family relationship, friendship and/or sentimental, or even the time of testing.

This was possible thanks to the  facial recognition of emotions technology by Emotion Explorer Lab that allowed to explore responses of interviewees to give with the emotions that drive their actual behavior, beyond the courtesy effect that surrounds these studies on controversial issues .

The study showed that people were dominated by fear, anger and displeasure over a total of 7 basic emotions that can detect the Neuroresearch Lab technology by Emotion Research Lab.

The methodology consisted on recording the interviewees while they visualized fragments of a video where each fragment was linked to a quiz question; thus it is able to analyze the emotions of each situation reflected in the video contrasting it with the verbalized responses on the questionnaire.

This study demonstrated that discrimination against people suffering from this disease is declining, although there are still some cracks that make it necessary to continue working to eradicate the stigma that surrounds HIV disease.

To read the full article follow the link: http://www.europapress.es/salud/noticia-cada-cuatro-personas-siente-miedo-pensar-hacerse-prueba-vih-20121130145729.html