Emotion Research Lab in the Ana Rosa Program in Telecinco

The CEO of Emotion Research LAB, Mary Pocoví, attends the Ana Rosa Program in Telecinco. Analyzes the appearances before the media of Mariano RajoyPedro Sánchez and Albert Rivera after its meetings to bring positions in the face of a possible agreement that would make possible a government. Next to them, picks up the images of Pablo Iglesias after his meeting with the King.



Emotional analysis

The Still President in functions verbalizations the same emotions that he has been showing since the face-to-face discussion of TVE, already analyzed by us. In spite of wanting to send a message of optimism, his speech is permeated by a deep negativity, which certainly affects his emotional political leadership for the citizens.

The PANIC is remarkable throughout his speech, as well as the  PERPLEXITY, WRATH  and COWARDICE.

The leader of the PSOE for his part does not show a great concern to solve the situation of misrule in the that is Spain. Like Rajoy, continues to show the same emotions that he already left view in the pre-election debate.

Stands out the WRATH,  RESENTMENT and ANGER because he was unable to add the necessary support in his day to be inaugurated as president and he is now who is observed by all as the person who owns the key government. He seems that picks up the strategy of Pablo Iglesias to wrath and anger to seek the support of the majority.

In the case of Albert Rivera, He is in general more reliable and transmits something more credibility in his speech.

Pablo Iglesias for his party has lost those emotions of ECSTASY and CONFIDENCE transmitting in the first elections. He has completely changed their speech as it gives the feeling that throws in the towel with respect to be able to agree with the PSOE.