Emotion Research Lab app is now available!

Emotion Research Lab App is now available for Android! The emotional software company has today with its new mobile app to measure emotions. In this way, facial emotions recognition is becoming closer to you to meet your needs.

Emotion Research Lab has developed an Android application where you can view your projects. Now you can use both your computer and your mobile to know what your clients feel!

Emotions are more fashionable than ever and now that everything is done from a smartphone, Emotion Research Lab could not ignore it. Development of the emotion measurement Android’s application represents growth and longing of ERL for continuing to expand and develop and thus satisfy current needs of the neuromarketing and neuropolitics sectors.

Emotion Research Lab app for Android is useful and easy

Visualization process is simple and practical:

  1. Download Emotion Lab app in your Play Store.
  2. When a project is in progress, you will receive an email with a link that will automatically direct you to the player, so that you can perform the visualization.
  3. Enable camera permissions, make sure you have a good light and find yourself in front of the camera.
  4. Now, just follow the instructions that will appear on your smartphone’s screen!
  5. In real time you will begin to receive analyzes of your clients’ emotions.

Emotion Research Lab, always at the forefront of technology, now allows your neuropolitics, marketing or retail projects to be done from any platform.

Here’s a video tutorial to find out how your customers can do your project from their smartphones.

Emotion Lab is the new emotion measurement’s application. Try it! You won’t regret!