Emotion Research LAB arrives in Silicon Valley thanks to Plug & Play

We are celebrating the fact that Emotion Research LAB arrives in Silicon Valley, thanks to the world’s most important startup accelerator, Plug & Play, to participate in its platform for the internet of things.


Plug & Play, the greatest ecosystem for startups in the world.

Plug & Play offers the opportunity to connect startups from around the world with different types of corporations. A large part of them is venture capital companies that want to invest in startups that they consider to be of great potential. In addition to this, we also have access to the heads of innovation departments of large technology companies.

In our case, this opportunity is being translated into economic projects of great interest. Mentoring by large industry professionals facilitates a high degree of learning and maturity of the team in the performance of international projects.

Since 2006 companies participating in the program have secured more that 6 trillion dollars in financing. Companies like Dropbox and Paypal were born here.


Emotion Research LAB arrives in Silicon Valley

ERL has been selected this year among more tan 8500 companies. Only 175 have been selected to participate, giving us access to some of the acceleration programs. In our case, we are part of the internet of things (IoT Batch 2017) for three months. María Pocoví CEO and Alicia Mora COO will work alongside a large number of companies, such as HELLA, Fujitsu, Huawei, Henkel, ALPS and Kone, among others.


The internet of things

In the words of the accelerator “ the internet of things is everything”. It is true, we live in a world surrounded by electronic devices and this is only increasing. Now more tan ever we live interconnected by objects that we use in our homes on a regular base. Our goal is to improve the ability to interact with people and adjust this interaction based on their emotions. On this basis, we create what we call artificial empathy. Humans will be able to interact with any machine and it will detect their emotions. The gadget will behave according to the emotion shown by the individual.

A great project in the best of possible places to develop it.

We are waiting for you at our Sunnyvale facility.[:]