Emotion Research Lab at the 5th edition of the Tech Experience Conference

Tech Experience Conference

June 9th, Emotion Research Lab participated at the 5th edition of the Tech Experience Conference. A meeting that has land in Valencia after 4 editions to become one of the main events of the Technological innovation applied to; marketing, social innovation and the analysis of emotions.

At the Scientific park of the University of Valencia, under the title “The Best Tech Emotions Bringing People Together” there were presented proposals related to geomarketing, big data, creativity in social networks, the technology applied to social causes and analysis of emotions.

The meeting brought together 12 startups and companies such as Heineken, Iwopi, Click That Matters, Olorama Technology and Marketingeo, based on the idea of how technology can improve our relationship with people, but also how to improve our experience with the technology that surrounds us.

The moods and the internet of things at the Tech Experience Conference

Emotion Research Lab presented the main innovations based on the concept of Artificial empathy, to be aware that we not only live in the era of the Internet of things, but in the era of the Internet of emotional things.

One of the novelties presented by ERL were the Moods, a new analysis technique for measuring emotions in a stable and lasting time. It is applied to the fields of marketing, politics and retail. Along with the emotional analysis, the Moods allow us a much more accurate prediction of the behavior of the consumer.

They also presented the new dashboard of online forms.  A tool inserted in their new software that allows you to combine questions between audiovisual stimuli & comparative analysis and between emotional responses & verbal responses.

This innovative event encouraged networking among participants and the exchange of ideas among companies in the sector.