Emotion Research LAB develops Emotion Retail LAB

At Emotion Research LAB we bring you a great novelty. Emotion Research LAB develops Emotion Retail LAB, the new proposal for the retail sector.

With the creation of this new platform, we plan to improve our software to provide more detailed information to better understand the consumer and predict their behavior. In this way, we will get insights from customers in real life and, even better, in real time.

erl desarrolla emotion retail lab


Statistics of audience and emotions

Thanks to this, retailers will be able to process data on the buyer intelligence, which will mean a great improvement in the experience of this and in the performance of the store itself.

Retail Engagement Analytics captures and cost-effectively analyses consumer behavior in real-time in real buying environments.

The following analyses are guaranteed:

  • Measure the footsteps: the number of people passing through a particular point or in front of a product.
  • Face recognition: observer count and attention ratio.
  • Detection of emotions: identifies whether the client’s response is positive or negative. It also looks at what kind of reaction it shows (surprise, anger, disgust, fear and sadness).
  • Understanding Attention Ratios: Find out how many customers paid attention to your product.
  • Metrics: our control panel allows the comparison of the same point of sale in different places
  • Analyze average attention times: discover for each group of customers how much attention they are giving to your products and find opportunities to optimize communications.
  • Socio-demographic aspects: we show gender and age estimates.
erl desarrolla emotion retail lab


Emotion Research LAB develops Emotion Retail LAB

Emotion Retail LAB works with a simple camera. This will allow you to analyze the multitudes and the spontaneous behaviors in any type of social context.

With the following characteristics assured:

  • Easy installation on any device thanks to its plug & play configuration.
  • Processing and analyzing on any type of camera, from webcams to high definition IP cameras.
  • Privacy secured since none of the images are recorded. In addition, no personally identifiable information is extracted.


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