Emotion Research LAB…at Lanzadera!


Lanzadera selects Emotion Research LAB besides 32 projects at its third edition.

After weeks of intense shaking from our incorporation into the third edition of Lanzadera program, we can tell you firsthand how we are living in Emotion Research Lab this unique experience that they have given us in our land, Valencia.
Emotion Research LAB is a start up that was born two years ago in order to measure what commercial research had failed to achieve, which is to reach the subconscious consumer – customer. Today , ERL is formed by a small multidisciplinary team led by María Pocoví , CEO and co -founder, with whom I share the company performing technical paper, being responsible of technological integration and project management.

Emotion Research LAB...en Lanzadera!
Article published at Diario Levante – EMV 05-07-2015

Lanzadera program is being intense and rich,it is assuming a great opportunity to focus on our next milestone: the launch of our software (which we have validated on desktop version ) to an online platform (SAAS: Software As A Service). This will allow us to target our product scalability that today costumers asked and if all goes well, will be fulfilled within five months.

Day to day at Lanzadera runs fast: training sessions, trade stocks, work development for clients in a very open environment where collaboration and networking between projects occurs whenever a team requires, so the companionship and cooperation are values that clearly this environment gives us. We want to thank all those who saw that this was not just a good idea, but a company (start -up) that already works, which has billing and that it needs this push for, as the program suggests, shuttles.

Here we will improve as technology ( we have achieved new agreements ), as the company and work methodology and results/reports we offer our clients. We think that without the people that currently form our team this year would not have been possible, as if something shows us this day-to-day program that the idea is good, but the team is essential, and we are fortunate.

We see Emotion Research LAB in the near future as one of the best worldwide positioned companies within our industry. We started with these artificial vision methodologies and neuroscience applied to sectors such as marketing and policy and most likely we climb this development to other sectors like HR or security.

Know-how that we acquire with the hundreds of projects we have already done, can be labeled a differential value that is key for the customers that choosed us. ERL is committed to follow the same path that is leading to the successes that is accumulating in its career, and never forget that technological innovation is part of our DNA, and therefore we are always adding new features and algorithms that allow us to know, as accurately as possible, human behavior to anticipate trends and behaviors.

More info about this and other projects at: Lanzadera website

Alicia Mora Benimeli

Co- founder and COO of Emotion Research LAB