Emotion Research LAB finalist at NTTData in Tokio

Emotion Research LAB finalist at NTT DATA, thanks to being a semifinalist in the Open Innovation Business Contest.

In this fifth edition, the semifinal was developed at the installation of the company Everis and the final, at its parent company, NTT DATA.

This company, NTT DATA, is one of the most important in Japan in the field of communication. Therefore, it was an honor to attend the final and to know the different works of the other attending companies.

Fifth edition of the Open Innovation Business Contest


The fifth edition of the Open Innovation Business Contest was attended by a large number of startups and technology companies.

emotion research lab finalista en ntt data robot

Among them were Emotion Research LAB and The Social Coin, which were selected to attend the final in Tokyo.

Each of them was chosen, in a very close semifinal, in different cities of Spain. ERL in Madrid and The Social Coin in Barcelona.

Emotion Research LAB finalist on NTT Data


February 9 was the day chosen to perform the semifinal in Madrid. In it, we display our emotion measurement software to all attendees.

emotion research lab finalista en ntt data

On the other hand, the startup The Social Coin was also a semi-finalist in the event of the city of Barcelona. In their case, they presented a platform based on Artifical Intelligence.

Both startups had to fight in Tokyo along with other large international companies.

The finalist would be awarded a prize of $ 30,000 and would also receive first-level advice for three months.

Among the jury of the semifinal was Angel Gutierrez, partner of Everis. We also had figures such as Kotaro Zamma, director of NTT DATA Open Innovation and Business Incubation Strategies, and Kaz Okada, an expert in the same department of NTT DATA.

The jury was to review the business plan of the different companies to pass to the grand finale. They also had to analyze the synergies with the data provided, growth and passion of the company. After this, the judges’ score and the consultation of the workers, would determine the winner.

Very positive feedback


The main aim of the competition was the discovery of companies that can help solve the problems of the world.

In addition to this, competition should encourage collaboration between technology companies. To do this, each of them had to explain the need for satisfaction, their competitive advantage, growth, and size of the company and its viability.

Thanks to this, we had the opportunity to contact some of the large Japanese companies that attended. In the same way, we also contacted different startups from different parts of the world from which we obtained valuable contacts.

Without a doubt, a very enriching experience for our team.