Emotion research Lab presents its SaaS in 4YFN

Between February 22th. and 25th. Emotion Research Lab presents its SaaS. Erl, emotional software company founded in 2013, was in Barcelona in 4YFN, home to the world’s growing community of startups. During these days, customers could test the pioneering technology in facial emotion recognition and know the SaaS and how it works.

SaaS is the online platform where customers can upload their projects and the facial coding software can analyze emotions. And how it works? On this platform, customers can create their online project, upload the video they want to be analyzed and from there, send it through a link to the customer selected sample. They can also see the results of the analysis in real time and online. People are recorded on the platform while viewing the stimulus and the information is recorded on the platform, client profile, which has a key for access to information completely confidential.

The projects that can be carried out are:

  • Advertising pre-test: the video-stimulus is composed of several communication lines of the same advertising campaign.
  • Test packaging: the video-stimulus is a video from photos of the various options for packaging of a product or competing products in the same category.
  • Test brochure: the video-stimulus is formed on the brochure photos with different artistic, more or fewer information concepts, etc. depending on the briefing of the investigation.
  • Trailer/synopsis pre-test: the video-stimulus is composed of several storylines of the trailer / For example with different outcomes.
  • Logo/isotype pre-test: the video-stimulus is a video from photos of various options logo/isotype based on concepts, naming, colors … depending on the briefing.
  • Soul pricing: tries to measure how to influence the pricing strategies and promotions in consumer perception of the product. The video consists of posters or similar test where these actions are displayed.
  • Linear compositions: pictures of different linear composition of the products will be showed to the customer to find out where directs the gaze and which emotion is feeling while he is seeing the product.

Attendees to the stand of Emotion mood Lab were surprised both with the technology of facial coding as the SaaS support, given the facilities it presents, since this online methodology involves considerable savings in time and costs, as acknowledged by many visitors.
The advantages, among others, are the possibility to investigate simultaneously in multiple geographical locations and not be intrusive because the technology does not require sensors or cables as others. It also offers automated data and reports in real time and online, easy interpretation and implementation for decision makers in companies.