Emotion Research Lab will be accelerated by Connector Spain


We are very excited at Emotion Research LAB to be part of the 11 startups selected from the 160 projects submitted .
Conector is one of the most powerful accelerator that currently exist in Spain and therefore and the desire we had in Emotion to be part of its acceleration program, we are enormously grateful to them and we are eager to work hard during the 6 coming months.

During this time we aim and duty to prove the value of our project and how necessary it is today for all companies who want and can now with our tool, achieving engagement with their customers, learning from him and deciphering their emotions and tastes for products to be more attractive and satisfactory for them.

Until now, Emotion Research Lab is a company that has focused its efforts on providing major market research companies services which represent an innovative and different methodology to be objective when it comes to achieve finding true customer insight. We have also worked on what we call ‘Neuropolitics’, working closely with advisers and political consultants, mainly from Latin America, assessing spots of campaign posters (spectacular) and improving speaking of political candidates to achieve with facial emotion recognition technology, controlling the management of their micro expressions and that the communication reaches its target audience.

We have already feel the support of all mentors, with the Conector only technique, called matching, we currently have and which we give here also thank you for trusting in our project and decided to join our particular acceleration. Thanks also to Eli , for your kindness and disposal at all times.

We expect a lot from Conector but we know that they also expect a lot from us, so we can only work, work and work hard.

We leave the link of the news that has hung Connector:


Best regards and thank you again!

Emotion Research LAB’s Team