Emotions come true: in love with Valencia

Storytelling about our intern from the Netherlands, Judith Van Gestel – chapter 1

When I was searching for an internship, one thing was obvious: I wanted to go abroad. I was talking with my teacher and he told me about this amazing city, Valencia. He was so excited about this city, he really loved it. I started looking up information about Valencia. The city was really beautiful. Everything was perfect. Nice weather, long beaches, beautiful squares, big central markets and of course shopping in Valencia. It seems that emotions come true.


That is when I decided to do my internship in Valencia. Therefore I had to prepare a lot of stuff. Moving to another country for 5 months is not something that you do every day. It took me a lot of effort, but when all the papers where filled in, my journey could start!


I had to pack my stuff and say goodbye to all the people that I love. That was the moment when I realized, this is reality: I am moving to Valencia. I was ready for a new life experience. On Monday, August 29th I left the Netherlands and moved to this great city! I could never believe this. It was like a dream come true.


We started our journey with an one week vacation in Valencia. We had so much things to see: Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Mercado Central, Cathedral, La Lonja, Plaza de la Virgin, Jardines de Turia, Plaza de Toros, Plaza Ayumiento and Torres de Seranos. And this is not even everything. The city has so many impressive sights. We really liked it and were so excited to live in this amazing city for 5 months!


It was a week with a lot of sun, palm trees, beautiful sights and lovely people.

Unfortunately, the first week in this beautiful city went really fast and the vacation was over. I had to start where I came for: my internship at Emotion Research LAB. On monday 5th September I started with my internship. This was the moment, the real working life started. Working every day from 9 till 6. It changed everything. I was not that girl anymore who was studying. From now on I had to work 20 weeks at Emotion Research LAB.

Emotions come true!