Emotions come true: my internship

On Monday September 5th I went with all my exciting emotions to the beautiful office of Emotion Research LAB to start with my internship in Lanzadera place. I was so impressed. It is a really huge building which is located at the port of Valencia with a beautiful view. I could not imagine that I had to work at such an amazing spot.


In the first weeks I had to learn more about the company Emotion Research LAB. This is because the company is not an average company where you will work. It does not sell jewellery, clothes, food or something like that.


Facial coding and eye tracking technology while my internship


Emotion Research LAB works with facial coding and eye tracking technology. It is amazing!! I will now explain more about this.  They measure emotions by facial coding and eye tracking technology, so you determine the deep consumer insights. The company helps others to better understand concepts, messages, ads and images. This allows them to create an emotional connection with their clients! UNBELIEVABLE!


I was impressed by such a great technology and I felt honored that I could work for a company that uses such an advanced technology. At my school, Avans University of Applied Sciences, we often learn that it is important to customize your service. So for example, B2in, Ferrovial Services is a company that is in charge of the catering of the high speed trains of Renfe. They optimized the ideal combination of items for each of the five onboard services. (breakfast, snack, lunch, tea and dinner) Can you imagine that you have your perfect meal?


Activities while my internship


In this 20 weeks I had to work at the marketing department of Emotion Research LAB and I learned a lot of things. I could finally apply what I learned at my school at this amazing internship. My marketing and sales skills could be developed. First of all I start looking up for new markets in the UK. Therefore it was really important to always be very consumer-friendly, result-oriented and flexible. 


Next to these tasks I had to carry out a market research to Scandinavia. This was very interesting to make finally on my own! First of all I made a problem statement and a research question. After that I developed a research plan how I could carry out my own market research. I had to do so much work. At the end, I analysed this research carefully. Finally after a period from September till December, I had written my conclusions and recommendation.


The weeks flew by. Every day at work it was always really busy. So in regret, the last weeks in this beautiful city came true. I had to finish my internship.


It is almost time to go home!