The emotions of voters may bring to power

Ecuador´s magazine Gestión in its latest issue publishes an interview with Maria Pocoví, CEO of Emotion Research LAB and Claudio Suarez, Political scientist specialist in Social Psychology and Content Analysis of Political Discourse. The emotions of voters were the main topic on which they conversed.

Among other issues discussed, it highlighted the importance of emotions in deciphering consumer behavior. Using tools such as measurement software ERL emotions, we can discover what concepts or messages activate the connection to the consumer or voter. Thus, for example, a designed campaign of political communication made by impact on the construction of a number of messages based on a political program that impinge on issues of particular relevance to the voter message is designed.

Traditional techniques of political communication are complemented by this new formula that gets a deeper understanding of citizens that aggregate achieving more successful strategy. The symbiosis between the two leads to neuropolitics, methodology that improves the knowledge of the citizen, offering an analysis of tastes and preferences, far from manipulate you.

It is very interesting process of creating the emotional leadership of a candidate. In this process, we discover how the tastes and desires of citizens contribute to making a politician better focus on servicing. Similarly, once elected, the candidate must be based on prior accumulated knowledge to form government strategies.

You can view the entire content of the interview by clicking HERE