Emotions on mediation

Chamber of Notaries of Valencia with Legal Forum were honored to offer last May 28 a workshop on NLP in labor , commercial and family mediation that develop as a professional activity lots of lawyers about the possibility of speeding up the resolution of conflicts in a peaceful manner without going to court, already quite collapsed.

This incipient activity, mediation, has established itself as a method of alternative dispute resolution as a means of access to justice and clears avoiding traditional administrative processes of the judiciary. It is based on democracy, social peace, dialogue, respect and consensus for coexistence. The mediator is governed by the principle of impartiality, seeking a consensual agreement and accepted by the parts, which remain the protagonists of the process. ” An agreement based on Win to Win Harvard School ” according to the rapporteur, an expert in Intelligent Conflict Management (hyperlink) Pons Gemma Garcia, whose name GIC define the company that runs. Gemma Pons presentation shared with Jordi Estalella NLP expert, author of the book “Effective Advocate“, which focused more on NLP applied to mediation processes. Gemma Pons focused her speech on the recognition of facial micro-expressions and the importance of managing the emotions of the mid to carry out a process of successful mediation.

Gemma Pons, who works with Emotion Explorer  LAB using the software with these customers who previously allow to be recorded under a confidentiality agreement, made a presentation in which she revealed her strategies in directing mediation.

From 7 basic and universal emotions that recognizes the NeuroresearchLAB software, Gemma presented the protocol of the physiological aspects of mediated reactions according to the emotion, the objectives of the mediator and the results of this process.

For a better understanding of this innovative methodology that is conducting the mediator Gemma Pons, she encouraged attendees to try the software in situ displaying an advertisement

that exemplified jokingly a marital situation in which the couple was in a position to constant fight, to show the audience that the software is able to read the emotions of a subject recording their micro expressions within milliseconds, before rationalize the situation. In addition, she also gave an example of a real-under mediation -authorization mediated and consequent measures to protect data as pixelated face- and even the audience was finally encouraged to spontaneously perform a role-play on stage using real-time Neuropsychology software that analyzes micro expressions of the subject while being adhered to a stimulus such as an interview.


It becomes a powerful tool for mediators, more focused on active listening. It allows them to spontaneously record the mid and then upload the recording to the computer application and “pass” a reader emotions in order to prepare the next session.

Gemma and Jordi did a good tandem. NLP and the importance of facial microexpressions are crucial when it comes to make a success of a mediation process . Conflicts are mostly emotional conflicts, it is coming to the conclusion that if emotions are controlled and negative emotions become positive emotions , conflicts will be resolved in a more effective way for the mediator and more satisfying for mediated.

For more information visit : http://gestioninteligentedeconflictos.es/ and our website.