“Every leader must control the emotional communication”

Blog conferencia contol de la comunicación emocional - Emotion Research Lab

Emotions are the key of perception. A serious error in communication and political leadership is to forget that every leader must control the emotional communication”. Is Maria Pocoví’s opinion, CEO and co-founder of Emotion Research LAB in the framework of the conference organized by the Territorial Movement of the Mexican PRI run by Senator Ana Lilia Herrera.

We are facing a more informed and connected citizen that can generate and share content. It is also the era of women’s empowerment, as citizens and as community leaders. Political campaigns have to be adapted to the new times in which citizens are not mere recipients of information or transmitters of stereotypes. “In the necessary changes in electoral strategies, new technologies and the power of social networks are only a vehicle for what really is a new paradigm: emotional communication. The purpose of all changes is emotionally connect with citizens”, explains Maria Pocoví.

Major flaws in the way of leadership are: forget the degree of attention, want to communicate everything, forget that leadership also has to be transmitted in social networks, forget that the perception of the voter is more than reality and reality is nothing but what you perceive guided by emotions of memory, forget that people influence people, forget the technology as a competitive advantage and forget innovation.

As a specialist in the research of emotions through neuroscience and its impact on consumer behavior, and introducer in Spain and Latin America of facial coding technology, her presentation provided keys for Excellence in Public image for women: breaking paradigms. Maria Pocoví, spoke in Mexico in the seminar Communication and political leadership organized by Mujer en Movimiento -women Movement for parity as a reality in the Latin American countries- opened by Senator Ana Lilia Herrera.