Excitement of undertaking

Entrepreneurs see opportunities where others do not, because of their nonconformist and radical nature. The undertaking is to discover new ways to satisfy the customer. These are some of the ideas we heard last week when businessman Juan Roig inaugurated “Marina de Empresas” in the port of Valencia, a project which links training (EDEM business school), incubation (Lanzadera accelerator) and investment (Angels Capital), a totally new idea in Spain which is aimed at supporting new talents in the business world. His dream was helping others to fulfill theirs. “Order” but also “give” is an intrinsic part to the desire of an entrepreneur and therefore, the purpose of Juan Roig is letting “Marina de Empresas” as a legacy to society. 18,000 square meters of facilities located in three of former America’s Cup teams’ bases, occupied right now by new different ships, eager to go out to sea as well, starting heading and competing in the race. Emotion Research LAB has signed onto this project too with hope and confidence of reaching new oceans.


Emprendedores Marina de Empresas
Young entrepreneurs in “Marina de Empresas” project with the businessman Juan Roig


Entrepreneur finds new ways to meet customers


As a Lanzadera’s company, we have had the opportunity to see how the dream of one of the most consolidated Spanish businessmen has been realized. Seeing it not from outside but from within. And it already represents an important lesson in our business way. Here we learn from reality, facts, practicing the “learning by doing”. And the day of the opening of “Marina de Empresas” was another kind of blunt reality again. Never before start-ups and young entrepreneurs had been so close to 200 of the most important executives in Spain: managers and businessmen of Casa Tarradellas, Bankia, Cortefiel, Chocolates Valor, Ortoprono, Dulcesol, Pollos Planes, Verdifresh. But neither ever these long experienced businessmen had been able to see first-hand entrepreneurs such as Marina’s ones: many new businessmen with new ideas, new ways to meet costumers, new perspectives that perhaps they have never thought before.


Alicia Mora, inauguración Marina de Empresas
Alicia Mora, co-founder of Emotion Research LAB, collaborated as a guide for the 200 businessmen who visited “Marina de Empresas”

  Emotion facial recognition discovers the true customer sentiment


The surprise was the most prominent emotion when businessmen approached Emotion Research LAB. Many of them did not know Facial Coding technology and how facial emotion recognition provides information on the costumer’s true feeling of satisfaction. So when they approached, we could objectively know what they thought at the time about our product, although many did not show it at all. It was a test product with one of the most demanding public and conclusions were encouraging. Surprise and happiness were the highest level emotions that our technology recorded during the visit. Pride and satisfaction are the emotions which the whole Emotion Research LAB team keep in mind. Emotions that we monitor every day to maintain the energy, keep going and keep up the bet that Lanzadera has done for our dream.

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