Experiental Neuromarketing: New Strategies to Emotional Brands

Experiential Neuromarketing has been the new revolution of the moment with new strategies that are designed for emotional brands, It has been a great experience, to live up to the expectations held about the meeting.

 María Pocoví shows gratitude for the reception she had in Symbiosis and she takes with her the opportunity of meeting great professionals of marketing and advertisement. Definitely, an experience to repeat next year.

María Pocoví with the organization and her partner speakers at Symbiosis 2013
As you already know, the presentation of María was about experimental neuromarketing and the importance and necessity of planning new strategies for designing emotional brands. We want to share with you a summary of that presentation…

Since the 80’s, researchers like Ledoux, Kahneman, Damasio, pointed that emotion which determinates more the tendency of purchase decision: this is, the customer buys the product which generates a positive emotion, or on the contrary, dismiss buying it. This is evident, but it has been demonstrated that beyond the rational process activated by a purchase decision there are other subconscious impulses determining in that decision.

Therefore, is basics to brands and advertising agencies know how to design positive emotions experiences and for achieve it is important to know the fundamental paper of the senses, know the strategic value of perception and have the ability to evaluate and assess the results of the strategies in terms of emotional impact.


María Pocoví during the presentation

What is really valuable is that brands try to establish emotional links to engage their customers. Costumers want something more than products, they want experiences. If brands reach it, they will be closer of the purchase decision of the customers.

María asked to think about the courtesy effect which exists behind traditional researchers to know what costumers want. Neuroscience can validate the emotions generated by de costumer in front of the product and avoid that courtesy effect. Nowadays marketing research is focused on the human subconscious to achieve it.

The talk revolved around this issue and in addition, Maria had the honor of offering a practical workshop called “The Workshop of Senses” with the with renowned advertising Cristian Toffolo. This workshop, very funny, involved the assistants who proved themselves the importance of sensory elements in advertising campaigns, testing recognized campaigns with the facial emotion technology of Emotion Explorer LAB.

Example of the assessment of the advertising campaign with facial emotion recognition and eye tracking.