Ferrovial & Emotion Research Lab improve new RENFE’s menus

Have you ever wanted to know what your consumers really feel when they taste your product? Torres brothers already know that thanks to the collaboration of Ferrovial & Emotion Research Lab.

Client is the most important thing for any company. Knowing their tastes or how they perceive your product and even your brand is essential. B2in, Ferrovial Servicios company that is in charge of the catering of the trains of Renfe, is conscious and did not want to pass up the opportunity. It pretends to know what their customers feel emotionally when they taste the menus that are part of the offer that is served on board at AVE trains during the season.

User’s opinion was key to decide which products will finally be part of the menu that is marketed on AVE trains starting this fall. To this end, a large number of passengers were assembled in the Club room of Atocha station with the aim of testing their opinion without the need to ask them verbally.

Objective: to know user’s real opinion

Thanks to Emotion Researchj Lab’s emotional face recognition technology and a series of camera screens that were distributed throughout the room, users were provided with information about the menus they sampled. The camera captures their emotions to see if the viewing of the snack they had taken moments before produced an emotion or another.


Ferrovial y Emotion Research LAB menús RENFE

Next to the images of the menu were questions such as “Do you find it appealing?” People in front of the monitor should not even interact with it

 To know more about the collaboration between Ferrovial & Emotion Research Lab, we will leave you the video of the event that was held in Atocha with the intervention of our COO, Alicia Mora and Torres brothers. If you still want to know more, you can read the article we wrote on the Ferrovial blog about this collaboration.