First prize on data management


Students Jeaneth Fernández (@janepichu), Edrit Franquiz (@edritf) and Ronald Figueroa (@ronaldfigueroah), from Master in Counseling and Consulting Image Policy ( MAICOP ) of the Pontifical University of Salamanca were the winners of the II Iberoamerican Contest Promises in the following categories:

- Data Management, first prize.

- Meeting and discussion, second prize.

- Grassroots, third prize.

For the exercises they counted on our support to use technology in the campaign. Specifically, the category in which they were deserving of the first prize, data management, they used the Digital Signage software by Emotion Explorer LAB, to discern between the dominant and minority Emotions in each of the aspects that should be dealt with in the focus group; identify issues that cause positive emotions (happiness, surprise) in the latin electorate; identify issues that produce negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, disgust) in the latin electorate ; and to keep an emotional balance of the group: what is the mood of the latin group as a whole?

This technology would allow them to analyze a group of subjects while identifying them with an ID that corresponds to a number indicating gender, age and emotions (happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, surprise, fear and neutral).
Moreover, in that winner category also they thought it was appropriate to use the Neuropsychology software in the focus group, to jointly analyze the statistics that came of the answer to the traditional questionnaire from the sample as well as a comparative analysis of these data and the emotional records . Giving rise to interpretations that would allow to target in the topics that generate positive emotions in the electorate and those most problematic issues .

We would like to thank the jury estimated winners these works and the organization for such initiatives that allow to discover new talents and to introduce new trends that are committed by these new talents who come stomping .