Game of pacts

María Pocoví, CEO and founder of Emotion Research Lab, has returned today to Espejo Público, the morning program of Antena 3 leading Susanna Griso, to analyze the protagonist faces of this game of pacts. There are voices who already speak of electoral pre-campaign and candidates take their chances when they build their emotional leadership. Nobody wants the public opinion identifies him as the cause of new elections. Sánchez’s emotional factor: empathy with Rivera and hate towards Iglesias. Will it have the same consequences as we saw in the debate with Rajoy? Rivera is its position as mediator and he feels delighted in the deadlock between PP and PSOE. He has improved his image by 10 points and he has a position in the mind of the citizen, what it is his real strategy?

Here it is her analysis:

“Pedro Sánchez has initiated meetings with other parties to try to make a success of the order of the King of achieving an agreement for the investiture. Following the resignation of Rajoy, alternatives are a leftist coalition or a proposal that integrates PP, PSOE and C’s. And crossed vetoes of the various parties make this a difficult puzzle to fit. In this Game of Thrones is important to analyze the emotional leadership that each of the candidates is building.

Rivera’s proposal that is negotiating teams and not the leaders themselves the ones that drive the process of seeking agreement, seems quite sensible as we have seen, this has been a campaign with a high degree of emotional involvement of the leaders. We can not forget the electoral debate between Rajoy and Pedro Sánchez and Sánchez’s attack to Rajoy, “because President of the government, Mr. Rajoy, has to be a decent person, and you are not.” And here the key issue was whether the attack was made from neutrality, ie, a campaign strategy dictated by advisers or from direct personal involvement. The analysis of emotional facial recognition with Emotion Research Lab let see HATE at the emotional state of Sánchez. And from there it was clear that any pact PP-PSOE would not be an option for any of the two candidates. And to study Pedro Sanchez, is a good example of how people make decisions, emotions playing a fundamental role in our rationality“.

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