How can we help your business? Find it at the Mobile World Congress!

Do you want to know how can we help your business? Do you want to test the pioneering technology in facial emotion recognition and know our history? We are in the Mobile World Congress, contact to us or come to the 4YFN area.

From Monday to Thursday, February 22nd. and 25th.  Emotion Research LAB, the emotional software company founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs María Pocoví and Alicia Mora, he is in the MWC in Barcelona.

If you want to be a beloved brand, emotion is the solution

Do we want to be a beloved brand? “To make someone feel more connected to our brand than the competition, emotions make a difference. Only by knowing the emotions that wake up in consumers we will be able to achieve that establish an emotional bond that results in sales or in a vote, “said Maria Pocoví.

Strategic marketing and political future involve understanding that emotions are the axis of the link between consumer and brand. Emotion Research Lab works in these fields and in retail scientifically analyzing emotions, to provide solutions. Applying the theory of universal expressions developed by psychologist Paul Ekman classifies degrees of happiness, surprise, anger, sadness, fear, disgust and neutrality.

Technology available for SMEs

The facial coding of Emotion Research LAB is not only more rigorous than other methodologies, but more comfortable (need only a webcam), fast (less than 24 hours) and much cheaper (SMEs).

What fails to 75% of innovations fail?

Only a quarter of new products, previously supported by market research site are made in the market. The traditional methodology did not take into account the emotional expression of consumers or the degree of attention. It has focused solely on the intention to purchase or vote expressed by selected groups to test products. It is a useful dimension when taken as a supplement to the emotional dimension, but in isolation produces significant failures.

The same applies to the polls, failing by a methodological problem. Neuroscience has shown that the process of decision making (what to buy, what to choose, how to vote) is not cold and rational. Emotions are what drive the action in the first instance.

Technology for large online panels

Emotion Research LAB fits its technology also to the large online surveys panels. Not only measures emotions, but the degree of attention paid by the consumer through its eye-tracking system.

It is important to consider the consumer attention factor in today overloaded environment stimuli. As María Pocoví explains, “the average attention span of a person today is 5 seconds when ten years ago it was 10 minutes”.

The online panels allow: to reach all kinds of targets, get higher quality responses thanks to the privacy and no interviewer, significantly reduce costs and shorten the time needed for delivery.