IV Internacional Academic Conference Simbiosis at Colombia


Emotion Research LAB CEO María Pocoví speak at the IV International Academic Conference organized by the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana Sectional Palmira through its Advertising Program .

This meeting aims to create a space for building knowledge that contributes to the consolidation of best practice in Advertising, Marketing and Communication at national and international levels.

María Pocoví try the latest trends in experiential neuromarketing to design emotional scars. To explain this technology she will explain the use in her company based on artificial visionoriented to recognize facial micro expressions for emotional analysis.

María coincides with the doctrine that the basis for most of the purchasing decisions are emotions. Neuroscience have shown that we are creatures that rationalize and not rational creatures. If the emotion sets the trend for the purchase decision , the challenge for brands and advertising agencies is to design experiences knowing the fundamental role of the senses , thestrategic value of perception and be able to evaluate and assess the results of their strategies in terms of emotional impact.