Measuring emotions in AEC Open Experience 2017

Measuring emotions in AEC

Invited by AEC (Spanish Association for Quality), we went to the Open Experience 2017. In this annual event about Consumer Experience, we measure the assistant’s emotions.

Our COO and co-founder Alicia Mora was the de lead speaker in that working day in Aranjuez. In her intervention, she has the opportunity to talk about the relations between emotions and brands.

An emotional component condition our election. A large amount of competition makes hard the election for a product. Sometimes, when we’re in the same circumstance, we choose a gradual product. If the consumer can live an experience with us, it’s more probable that the consumer buys us.

Brands have to create experiences and make the consumer prefer your product or Service and not the others.  The technology allows us to measure what we want to transmit to the people.  Our software allows us to do it. The emotions that are showed unconsciously by a person, are captured by a camera. In this way, we can know if the person is satisfied and how much is satisfied.

We measure the assistant’s emotions

medimos las emociones de los asistentes

Emotion Research labs team installed a camera on the verge, where the event was celebrated, in NH Collection Palacio de Aranjuez hotel. Our team distributed some monitor where the assistant was able to verify our real time software.

At the moment that the people crossed the room, the camera caught their faces, collecting the emotional metrics of each person. During the day, the platform was accumulating data. At the end of the work day, we presented the results with the key metrics of the day.


After reviewing the data, we can conclude in:

  1. The attention ratio was decreasing during the day.
  2. More than a half of assistants were considered as active viewers.
  3. The ratio of activation level was higher than 50%
  4. The satisfied and compromise levels weren’t high all the time, but sometimes, after the break were increased.

At the end of the performance, we had the opportunity to make networking. We convened an important business representative to talk about the importance of customer experience in a business growth.[:]