Neuropolitics integrated into the organization ONMPRI

That’s how María Pocoví, Co-founder and CEO of Emotion Research Lab – closed her meeting on neuropolitics aimed at leader women of ONMPRI at Ortega y Gasset University of Mexico DF on Saturday 28 February.

Class that María gave was about the importance and the key role that emotions play in the field of politics. In this class a number of crucial issues were addressed throughout electoral campaign, including:

  • It is not enough to disseminate. What it is important is your emotional brain.
  • Neuropolitics: New role of emotions in the successful campaigns.
  • Emotional Brand candidate. How to become a Love Mark.
  • Communications that connect with the emotional side. Election ads .
  • Emotional Speech, are we persuasive?
  • Create competitive advantages from the emotional connection. How monitorize opponents to find their weaknesses.

María presented study cases with the technology we use in Emotion Research LAB, technology we have made applicable to the design, execution and analysis of election campaigns and political communication. We leave you some photos of the session:

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