Neuroscience and Human Resources Recruitment

Neuroscience and Human Resources Recruitment

The traditional methodologies to recruit people are close to change now thanks to neurosciences tools.

Emotion Explorer LAB talent research; the new model of job interview based on neuroscience.

Interviews are the most common tool used in HR during the process of talent research. Really interviews are the most common tool in any process of research, when we want to know, we ask. In this point we can find one of the weaknesses of this methodology.

What happen when we ask to the candidates? They are saying what they believe the interviewer wants to hear. So that’s means that the interview process is inherently misleading. The fundamental source of the interview´s methodology is the beliefs of candidates are telling the truth. Does it mean that we need polygraph or lie machine detectors to obtain a successfully candidate? Really I don´t think so, but neuroscience can help us to understand the real behavior of the candidate going beyond what they are verbalizing.

The Emotion Explorer LAB facial emotion recognition technology allows, with a simple webcam, to identify, in a precise way, the emotional experience of a subject, in different stimuli contexts, and to understand the behavior drive. So the interviewer can recognized the real emotional response for each stimulus during the interview.

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                        Job interview using Emotion Explorer LAB technologies.

Is possible to analyze the reaction directly to question´s interviewer or we can go deeper, showing audiovisual stimulus to monitorize the real emotional reaction of the candidate.

For example, instead of asking “how you will manage this situation”, we can show the situation to the candidate and analyze what is the emotional response. We can evaluate what the candidate told about how the will manage the situation, and compare it with the real emotion.

The application of vision technology applied to face recognition of emotions during the job interview, allows the interviewer to reach a global vision of the candidate´s emotional response: direction (positive or negative) and type (neutral, happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, fear and sadness).

Coming back lies, or coming back to the belief that candidates are telling the truth, we must consider to think about on what we want to describe with the word lie. Are the candidates telling lies? Of course!! Really? Think it over!!! Come on, we need to go to the basis of the brain function, we are not rational creatures, we are rationalize creatures.

researchers have demonstrated that human beings make decisions in an emotional manner and then justify them rationally. Furthermore, now we know that the final decision is actually triggered by the old brain. So if we feel, act and think instead of think, act and feel, we need understand two things: first the job interview methodology it was designed for the rational model (neuroscientifics have demonstrated that this model is wrong) and the second on is, that asking to the candidate we obtain the rationalize version not the “truth”.

Neuro research model of  Emotion Explorer Lab allows understanding really the human behavior and forecast candidate’s behavior trends to ensure the success of the teams selected.

María Pocoví

General Manager