Scientifically discovered at 4YFN when politicians lie

Emotion Research LAB presents in Mobile World Congress at 4YFN the open iniciative Emotional Political BarometerWe scientifically discovered at 4YFN when politicians lie thanks to a complex software.

2016 and 2017 are studded with crucial elections, full of studied words and controlled gestures that citizens follow in press headlines.

The neuropolitics joined technological advances to find the degree of consistency in speeches. The analysis of the micro facial expressions brings a new political reading.

Emotion Reseach LAB has decided to go one step further with an open initiative that collects the facial analysis of the main political actors of each day to determine if their speeches are consistent with their emotions. That is, what do they feel and who is lying. Emotional Political Barometer represents the B-side of the news.

“Facial coding allows us to evaluate the electoral candidate through the analysis of his emotions compared with his speech to measure the credibility. We can also investigate the emotional impact that he is generating on citizens”, CEO María Pocoví explains.

The neuropolitics is increasingly used. American political analysts think that neuropolitics are becoming more common on the road to the 2016 presidential campaign. Russia, Italy, Spain and some Latin American countries have hired this services.