Shopping experience in real time

Shopping experience

We purchase everything. We have all at least once, spend long hours in a shop looking for just that one perfect product. Sometimes for necessity while the other time just for fun. Some would describe this as a routine of leisure. Though we don’t take the time to consider if we are satisfied with the shopping experience in real time that we have had.

Brands continually try to attract our attention by throwing us all kinds of advertising messages. We are overwhelmed by the advertising impacts. For this reason, today the average attention of a person to a stimulus is only 5 seconds. Ten years ago it was 10 minutes. In addition, more than 21,000 brands are launched every year. 90% of its products fail at launch. 

Brands should not only design attractive products , but also convey an emotion. Companies will have to keep a whole range of emotional factors in mind to build a brand image. This is what we call neurobranding.

The average attention of a person to a stimulus is 5 seconds

To attract the consumers attention, we must take the competition, the lack of time and the ease of access into account. If we propose a shopping experience we will be facilitating a greater recall (brand awareness). It is very convenient to make a brand live instead of consuming it.

How to measure the shopping experience

It is very important to know the behavior of the customer. This will allow us to always offer a better service, adapted to their needs and demands. Today we no longer offer a product univocal and we try to attract the attention of potential consumers. The retail sector seeks to maximize the customer experience and to be the one that defines the product. By picking up your tastes and preferences we can, not only, redesign our good, but also our strategy.

Traditionally we have prepared elaborate surveys or questionnaires of satisfaction to know the opinion of the client.
The problem is that it’s complicated to get really reliable results. People do not usually tell the truth. They are influenced by the environment, by factors of situation or due to the courtesy effect that pushes them to look good. All of this influences your final answer.
Implementing neuroscientific techniques, we get to know the true insights of the consumer. Using facial recognition, we can know the emotions of an individual about our product. Emotion mood LAB software captures the emotions of any individual about a product. Being in real time, we can immediately know what the preferences are of customers.

The retail sector seeks to maximize the customer experience and that is the characteristic that defines the product

Our solutions give shop managers a clear picture of the shopping experience. The system gives data regarding:

  • Traffic measurement: number of people passing in front of a specific point.
  • Ratios of attention: how many customers paid attention to the product.
  • Average attention time: according to each group, attention and opportunities of the products to optimize communications.
  • Attraction to the product: who are the most committed customers, according to their gender and age.
  • Emotional response: knowing if the answer is positive or negative and knowing what emotion is shown.
  • Comparative metrics: comparisons of the same point of attention in different points of space.
  • Area panel: same control panel to study different geographic locations.

experiencia de compra tráfico

Measuring the shopping experience is easy and economical

The technology we use is the result of a long development. A very complex algorithm processes the emotional information of the images captured by the camera. In addition to the 6 universal emotions, it shows the predominant secondary emotion. To this we combine the emotional metrics of satisfaction, commitment, activation and experience.

Any simple digital camera can read and analyze information about a crowd. We will get valuable information about how they behave spontaneously.

Minimal technical requirements:

  • Plug and play setup: easy installation on any device.
  • It works on all types of cameras: from webcams to high resolution IP cameras.
  • Secure privacy: captures are not stored. No personal identifiable information is extracted.
  • With basic hardware: i5 processor or similar, 4GB RAM, 120GB hard drive

Our real-time solution is already being used to:

  • Analyze levels of attention in shop windows
  • Identify new market niches
  • Discover the best configuration for the linear
  • Show relevant advertising based on gender, age, and emotional states
  • Level type of activities, events, promotions and stores with current visitors
  • Measure the impact of launching new products at the point of sale

Applying our software in any trade is really economical. Thanks to its scalability, we can adapt it to any need. There are customized solutions for all types of retail trade.

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