Simbiosis 2013 Starts

It’s time! Symbiosis 2013 is about to begin … The program looks very interesting. Maria Pocoví , CEO of Emotion Explorer LAB, is already in Palmirano floor (Colombia) to attend this event to run for the next few years as one of the most important conferences on international marketing.

As we anticipated some time ago, meeting will take place from September 19 to 21 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Palmira, Colombia. Confirmed participants have a very interesting profile within the field of marketing, from large companies that operate globally and come to talk about many different topics, covering the entire framework set as the object of this issue: marketing through senses.

Some of the professionals who have the honor of meeting are:

Omar Muñoz, from Colombia, who will talk about Synesthesia Advertising in triggering sensory experience.

Camilo Acevedo, from Chile. He will discuss the importance of knowing the right and left hemispheres of marketing as a guide for the senses.

Nathaly Hernandez, from Colombia also participates expounding on direct experiential marketing conquering the mind and the heart.

Jorge Martin Diez, from Mexico, will present the role of the senses in the process of consumer choice and identification of drivers and insights for sensory marketing.

Alejandra Taborda, from Colombia, who will speak specifically olfactory marketing for working memory, emotion and brand.

Cristian Toffolo, from Chile. In this case we will know what to do when brands need a sign of life, so this candidate has called as ”No signal”.

As you can see, María Pocoví is the only European citizen to participate in this international academic meeting. She will offer a speech on experiential Neuromarketing : new strategies for designing emotional brands and also offer a workshop called the Workshop of the Senses.

In addition to presentations it will be held the fourth edition of the publicity contest (Premios Pa’ Mirar) in charge of the Colombia-based agency DDB, whose prize ceremony will take place on the last day. And the V Forum City, to discuss how the theme of the meeting may affect the creation of the city brand in vogue lately.

This meeting promises…