Smart Advertising: The Passion of Advertisers

Smart Advertising: Imagine a world where you only can see advertising that interests you

Advertising is the passion of a lot of publicity agents and the torment of most of the consumers. With few exceptions, most people do zapping during the commercial breaks of the TV programmes, sick of the vastness of advertising showed trying at all costs that we finish buying either product.

But the fact is that advertising exists for something, and we all have discovered more than once a superb product without which we could not live now. We discovered it in some of the multiple advertising platforms that exist nowadays, and thanks to that discovery we did our first purchase of that product and now we repeat it thanks to that discovery.

In those cases we appreciate that they have presented to us the existence of that product, but we hate being exposed to advertising of other products that may be interested to another profile of people. Maybe because of the age (you are 15 years old and you are seeing an advertisement about bodymilk for babies when you’re not even old enough to have children), because of the gender (if you are a man and you have to see advertisements of napkins and tampons ) or because you are punk and you’re continuously exposed to spots of Loewe.

People, in general, hate losing time and we love to use time wisely, and what better way to use it than seeing personalized videos: Do I have 15 years old? So I want to see videogame’s advertisements,  do I like punk fashion? So I want to be informed about the principals punk brands, and Am I a man? So I want to see advertisements about straight razors.


This is not science fiction, is no longer required to sign in an online platform to see only interesting advertisements for you and win exchangeable points for presents; it’s only necessary the Crowd Emotion LAB technology of Emotion Research LAB. Is now available to satisfy the needs of the two parts: the brand and the consumer.

  1. Satisfy the needs of the bran. Is making effective traditional advertisement: advertisement oriented to the potential client. If one person of 15 years old, male and punk sees a digital poster which contains publicity will receive according to his profile, personal information (gender, age, the color of clothes, research will be engraved in a server and may be processed statistically by brands to target their business strategies.
  2.  Satisfy the needs of the consumers: bearing in mind that most of the people hate advertisement except when we see products that interest us and we like it and we use to be informed. This is a great tool to avoid being subjects of advertisements that we may consider useless and for promote being subjects of advertisements that we really take advantage of, contributing to buy the product we saw.

This technology is now available and is developed by Emotion Research LAB, the face recognition app is allowing get it and everything indicates that the effectiveness of taking advantage of advertisements makes difference.