Smart Pricing

“Smart Pricing has come to stay. Consumers have changed, have been reborn and are no longer the same”, according to Antonio Ibáñez, Director of Daemon Quest by Deloitte, who presented the fact that “consumers have changed, have been reborn and are no longer the same”.

Ibáñez emphasized that they are “Informed, hyperconnected and demanding, and they have changed their shopping behaviour”.“Consumer lies” state the consultant. Therefore, his pricing tool “allows knowing consumer’s optimal price, by analyzing more than 100 facial muscles micromovements (investigated since 1970) which are universal movements. Now there are analytical capabilities to carry them to the analysis of actual consumer. In some videos about situations looking at some prices, with the example of an offer between 50% free product or 35% off, a red spot appeared between the two options, moving and making the eye tracking of each person. Bars measure emotions, from neutrality to happiness, disgust or fear, and fix consumer’s preference for a range of prices.




In another video, in a price linear they tried to compare the election. Ibañez highlighted as conclusions that “pricing has come to stay and it’s the main level of management, but we do not dedicate enough resources”. “We have to think how we bring it to market. Begin with simple things. And the sixth and last advice is to have analytical skills, work, analysis and analysis” (sic).