Supporting Technological Innovation

Emotion Explorer LAB attended Forinvest to study the projects launched by the 1st edition of the Valencia Global Growth Program, coordinated by Kenneth Morse and José Vicente Pons (CEO-partner of Business Innovation).

Kenneth Morse is an entrepreneur,  co-founder of  more than 6 companies, and an angel investor of three companies in Spain (two in Valencia). He is an expert in entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness, serves as an Advisor to President Obama, and is a Visiting Professor at ESADE. He is a superb trainer in building new technology-based businesses. We appreciate his advice.

 Supporting Technological Innovation

                  Alicia Mora discussing EEL's sales plans with Kenneth Morse

 Alicia Mora, Kenneth Morse y Bárbara Aucejo

Alicia Mora, Kenneth Morse and Bárbara Aucejo talking about the challenges of bringing new technologies from LAB to market.

It was a pleasure for us to attend to this event and get back in touch with people who have a lot to say about sales, new business management, technological innovation (which is part Emotion Explorer LAB), competitiveness and entrepreneurship.