Talking about experiences at Radio Emprende

We’ve been talking about B2B and own experiences at Radio Emprende. It has been a pleasure to share a table with Diego Sáez, of MesBook, first system that interconnects M from the factories, analyzes information in real time and reports to maximize productivity and quality, and with Pedro Prieto, of Friendkhana, a big data solution incorporating game dynamics for brands to connect and better know their customers, both partners at Lanzandera.

We talk about the upward trajectory of our projects and the accelerate platform that give us a hand.We discover when consumers asked about our brands lie“, says our CEO and co-founder, María Pocoví.We read emotions using a software and we detect if someone says something different than what they are feeling, both in marketing and in the political field, accompanying candidates in elections. When we started we had a hard time talking about emotions to the companies and they understood to measure emotions will be a key parameter for success. We have had to do much work of evangelization. Now the emotional issue is taking a long boom, even Disney has released a film based in emotions”.

For Diego Sáez, “credibility and visibility that Lanzadera gives is very important. Do not forget that belongs to Mercadona group, most important Valencia’s business ecosystem”.

As María Pocoví well analyzes, Lanzadera helps you to build, to follow your entrepreneurial dream. But it must be seen far beyond financial support, we are in the hands of someone who is on the Forbes list, we can not forget, and he inculcates a management and quality model that helps us to build our companies in a solid way and accelerate them in a quick manner. To coexist with the team produces a number of synergies that provide much value”.

“For us it has been a before and an after”, Pedro Prieto says. “We settled in Valencia from Madrid. Some time ago I thought from my house that Valencia could become a kind of California in Europe and the person for whom we are here, Juan Roig, he really thought it and he has had the opportunity to start it going”.