Technology used by Tokyo Polytechnic University

Javier Pazos Sugrañes, student of Master in Planning Games in Tokyo Polytechnic University, is studying video game planning, designing part that consists in creation of the basic idea and the subsequent writing of the pitch to sell it. In his second master’s year he is going to dedicate to his thesis, a video game for Youtube based on interactive videos.

He decided to enroll at the university in order to have 岩 谷 徹 Toru Iwatani as mentor, responsible of highly successful video games like Pacman. This was a major turning point in his career, since he is actually graduated in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. This change meant returning to his true vocation, so taking advantage of his knowledge of japanese to settle in a country where there are some of the most important companies in the sector. This decision was greatly influenced by the exchange year course at Sophia University in Tokyo (the equivalent of an intercontinental Erasmus) becoming, after many bureaucratic difficulties, the first student of psychology sended to Japan.


Javier has decided to incorporate Emotion Explorer LAB technology  to his Master project called “Beyond the game”, in which you must plan a game that represents a significant innovation. This is more difficult than it may seem, and he has been hesitating a while until he realized that facial expressions field is untapped. His idea is a game played with glasses (which have a camera, such as Google Glass) and based on facial expressions wich can be played by everyone around the clock. The player could play with anyone, not just hardcore gamers because facial expressions are a reflex of emotions inherent to human beings.


Once he finishes his Master in 2014, he hopes joining a Japanese company, where he can gain some experience and improve he language. To do this in Japan is important to be able to show several interesting pitch. Among them, he will have another game wich includes Emotion Explorer LAB technology, designed to play with the webcam on the computer, that will export player’s gesticulations to his avatar in real time.