The most emotional job offer

La oferta de trabajo más emocional

Languing’s friends prepared a false interview with real candidates to show the most emotional job offer. The intention was not to only know, if the interviewees tell the truth. What was really wanted to see , was their real reactions. To do this, we analyze all the content with our our facial recognition software of emotions.

How to prepare the most emotional job offer

It was important to have an environment as close to reality as possible.

First, a job offer was launched with series of specific requirements. The most suitable profiles were selected, taking the languages of each candidate into account.

Concealed cameras were placed at strategically chosen points. The location should ensure a good capture of the faces. It was very important that the cameras could not be seen so as not to condition the interviewee.

la oferta de trabajo mas emocional emotion research lab

Interviewers got in their role well. Dressed as the occasion required, they began to call the various candidates one by one. The interview began in the most ordinary way possible.

Emotion analysis of the candidates in the most emotional work offer

From the first moment, we can detect who is more relaxed and who is more nervous. There are some introductory questions to enter into situation. We appreciate emotions such as TRUST, SATISFACTION or even JOY in candidates when they talk about themselves.

la oferta de trabajo más emocional emotion research lab

By mentioning the extraordinarily good salary and schedule conditions, the ECSTASY and the SATISFACTION burst. 

After the above questions, it is time to check their language level.


In all cases, the levels of nervousness and insecurity make the respondent’s emotions change drastically. We see INSECURITY, CONCERN and IMPACIENCE in the impass before the question.

When listening to the question, in one of the languages that according to your CV dominates, the cascade of negative emotions begins. Thus, we appreciate INCOMODITY, REJECTION, FEAR or even DESPAIR.

la oferta de trabajo más emocional desesperación

This test demonstrates the usefulness of facial recognition of emotions in Human Resources. In addition to non-verbal language, we add a valuable factor of analysis. We can study the subconscious reactions of a person. Based on your emotions, we can weigh the suitability of a candidate.