The most important spanish and latin american newspapers speak about Emotion Research LAB

This week the main Spanish and Latin American newspapers speak about Emotion Research LAB. They echoed a report by the EFE news agency on rising facial coding technology, that represents an annual rise of 30%, in which Emotion Research LAB is the protagonist.

“Joy, sadness, surprise, disbelief, hatred or revenge are emotions that the subject can hide forcing facial expressions but technology can unmask. This allows automatically unravel mysteries as if a politician is sincere when he speaks in public or if an ad is really catching on people”, writes the journalist Amaya Quincoces.

20 Minutes, ABC or La Vanguardia in Spain. La Nación or El diario de Yucatan, in Latin America, are just a small sample of the newspapers who have reviewed the work of Emotion Research LAB as pioneers in neuromarketing and neuropolitics.

“The CEO, Maria Pocoví, highlighted the potential of this technology is a giant step in understanding human feelings in real time by the machines. The system designed by his company operates from a webcam that records the face image and identified micro expressions. The reliability of the tool is around 97%, and is being applied to areas of marketing, advertising and to analyze the degree of accuracy of the politician’s messages. Among its clients are Deloitte, Sigma Dos, Unilever, Banamex or Volkswagen, and the company has established a commercial structure in Latin America”.