#TrendSpain Madrid 2014… “Social, relational, emotional… human technology”

Thanks to Ruby Antoni Gutiérrez who invited us to participate in the round table of the annual event TrendSpain wich took place in Madrid this year, as always courtesy of Google Spain in Mediolab Prado with a very natural and healthy catering; our partner from Emotion Research LAB, Alicia Mora (author of Twitter’s @benimelimora) had the opportunity to explain to attendees how our company contributes to the technological revolution that is currently improving the emotional experience of all people.

Alicia Mora taking part in TrendSpain’s round table

Alicia explained the basis of our day-to-day work, which consists in generating knowledge so that everyone wins: companies, people in our role as consumers, as voters, as patients and as students… Our mision consists in recognizing tastes and preferences of people through facial emotions recognition technology combined with artificial vision, analyzing their human behavior, so that people can be the owner of their own decisions, so that instead of being bombarded by all types of advertising stimulus, just be recipients of what really interests them and satisfy their desires and preferences, helping to make more enjoyable their choice, ultimately making them happier as individuals

Now people have the power, in contrast to the past. This technological revolution wich is allowing people to take their own decisions,  is growing thanks to the creation of intelligent objects, without which this would not be possible. Not only objects, spaces also, as the increasingly known smart cities.

All this generated knowledge wich expect to provide behavioral established patterns to know each other better, will be reflected in education, mental and physical health, will improve leisure and consumption.