We analyze the PSOE crisis in Espejo Público of Antena 3

The CEO of Emotion research Lab analyzes the PSOE crisis. Next to Albert Castillón, reviews the two hearings of Pedro Sanchez before the media.


Crisis of the PSOE. Sánchez prepared for the battle

Friday Night, the leader of the Socialists announced his intention to resign, if he was not wearing out his plan. Not credible in his thanks but he shares the tear through the pain of many of the militants.

He shown on the defensive, appearing ANGER, OUTRAGE or ANNOYANCE accompanying arrogance, by an unprecedented situation and greatly upset for him and his affiliates. He feels attacked and we can see clearly that he thinks offer battle.

Surprised to see a surprising neutrality when he says “if the federal committee of the PSOE, tomorrow It will decide to change its position and become abstinent obviously it could not manage a decision I do not agree”.

Astonishment by the outcome of a situation to the limit

His attempts to propose a solution to the serious crisis of his party have ended in a dramatic way. Some of his peers, so far related to his position, they have withdrawn their support, for thus he is losing the vote.

He is in a state of stupefaction but he shows no fear. Throughout his appearance surprised by the high degree of AMAZEMENT showing activation levels with 100% held virtually throughout his speech.

“I have announced to the federal committee, the resignation of the federal executive committee and also my person as secretary general” ANGER, BETRAYAL, ANXIETY, EXCITEMENT. Referring to the federal committee clearly see BETRAYAL.

“So much it has happened, what has happened” GRIEF, DISGUST, ANNOYANCE. Hurt by what happened and also he annoyed at not being able to fight against criticism.

In a two-departure training, doubt is whether the traditional sector has enough strength and support to help up to one candidate. The sector “pedrista” has lost the battle but not the war. Sanchez ruled himself unable to stand again at the Extraordinary Federal Congress.
It seems that peace is still far away.