Weather & Emotions

Specialist company in measuring emotions in real time introduced at 4YFN of Mobile World Congress, its app Weather & Emotions.

This software, integrable in any medium located in a real environment, measures the actual experience of citizens with regard to their emotional behavior related to climate change.

This collected information of emotions is recorded in the online platform instant access developed by Emotion Research Lab. The technology of facial coding allows a simple webcam measure emotional reaction and anticipate human behavior to apply that knowledge in decision making.

The goal is to understand better how it influences the weather or climate in the behavior of people, as consumers or other aspect, sensing their facial expressions, their age, their gender or their Research in order to identify behavioral changes based time (weather) and improve sales strategies for businesses where this constraint influences significantly.

Interest in this tool managed to bring many people to the stand of Emotion Research Lab, who was in the space dedicated to the shuttle accelerated startups.