What do the newspapers say about us?

What do the newspapers say about us? These days, coinciding with the launch of the new SaaS predicting consumer behavior with facial coding, El Confidencial talks about achievements and future of Emotion Research LAB. “After having captivated the New York Times, now wants to assault the Anglo and Spanish market” with the two pillars of the business, neuromarketing and neuropolitics.

“Emotion Research Lab has provided software to entities such as IESE and consulting firms like Deloitte and Ipsos after advising on the selection of candidates of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in Mexico and a congressman in the United States. Recently also signed with Netquest. Next step is trying to gain the British market, especially UK, for what has begun a round of investors to achieve 400,000 euros. London is the target because in the British capital the greatest innovations are baked in market research sector in which the startup aims to generate its biggest business“.

They also talk about our analysis of Mariano Rajoy receiving Albert Ribera. Neuropolitics for the political press. Another newapaper, Levante enters our Emotional Political Barometer too to find the true face of Rita Barberá talking about ‘Case Taula’. “How do Rita Barberá feels? Emotion Research Lab wanted to analyze his gestures and found what is beyond words. According to the barometer of this video, she showed betrayal, hatred and disbelief by declaring that “accepts” the offer “to declare voluntarily”.

In other information, the paper also echoes the round of investors “to launch the English market“. And the battle of startups organized by BigML, a company that has designed an algorithm to predict whether a company is likely to succeed, in which he selected Emotion Research LAB.